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Caravan Awnings: A Choosing Guide Awnings are key components for..

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Caravan Awnings: A Choosing Guide

Awnings are key components for any caravan trip and by far offer the best way of getting the most out of your caravan. If you select your awning carefully, it can extend the size of your caravan up to double its size and may end up being where you spend much of your time.

There are numerous great awnings in the market from different manufacturers, each with their special features. When buying a new awning, there are some factors that you must take into account to ensure that the awning fits into the caravan and meets your requirements. Read on to find out about choosing the ideal awning for your caravan.

Type of Awning
The inflatable awnings or air awnings are extremely easy to put up. This type of awning involves air being pumped into an inflatable frame rather than using a metal frame. In other cases, a combination of steel and air is used. The absence or less number of steel poles, these awnings are the most lightweight that the conventional awnings.

Porch Awnings: A porch awning is a small extension for your caravan and offers a great space for storing equipment, bicycles, wet clothes or your pet. The porch awnings are easier compared to the full awning in terms or erection and disassembling and are usually more portable meaning that they can fit any motorhome or caravan.

Full Awnings: if you want to create the most space possible outside of your caravan, a full awning is what you need. These structures are permanent and extremely competent and enable you to create one, and in some cases, two additional places.

The Material of the Awning
Awning fabrics vary significantly in weight, strength and look. Lightweight polyester offer many advantages such as easy to drain, and light in weight making it easy to handle, construct and pack. It is for these reasons that awnings made of this fabric are ideal for the weekend stays.

The Frames
There are numerous types of awning frames: aluminum, steel, air and glass fibre. Many manufacturers offer a choice between these for each awning model, depending on your needs.

How Much You want to Spend on the Awning
You will find that the price range of the awnings range from the small, lightweight porches to the luxurious full awnings. You can decide to buy a lightweight awning porch for around?200 or go for the full awning with more features for more than ?3000. The the price that you will pay for any model depends on the length of the caravan; a longer caravan requires more fabric, and frame to have it fully covered thus a higher cost.

When folding up the awning for storage, make sure that it is clean and completely dry. If you cant do this, you hang it up to dry within two days.

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